Friday, June 5, 2009

Brighton Elementary

Hello Kids,

Thank you for the pleasure of allowing me to read my story at your wonderful school.  You kids are terrific!  I had a great time visiting with all of you.  Please stay in touch with me.  I need your help in finishing my story.  I promise to work hard writing and revising my story this summer.  I also promise to return to Brighton in the fall for more author visits.   Sorry, fifth graders, we'll miss seeing you at Brighton.  However, if you follow this blog, you can write to me here (with your parents and teachers permission) and we can stay in touch.  I'll also post my story, PIPE PEOPLE on my website so that you can read it online and or print it out as PDF pages.  

Please read many, many books, write to me, and have a fun and safe summer!  Thank you again Mr. Raymond and Mr. Davis.  The world needs more men like you.

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