Saturday, April 10, 2010

Real Guns

Dr. David P Reiter, a multi-award winning author and publisher living in Brisbane, Australia has published an interesting book called Real Guns. Dr. Reiter's book confronts the topical issues of gun control and the effects of war—past and present—on returning soldiers and their families. Jon, like many young boys, is fascinated by guns. He finds a loaded pistol hidden under his parents’ bed, with nearly tragic consequences.

The close call prompts his father to explain to Jon why he needs to keep the gun, forging a much closer bond between father and son, and emphasising the need for parents to talk to their children about issues affecting their safety.

Patrick Murphy’s stunning illustrations are a perfect complement to Reiter’s timeless story, allowing younger readers to better understand why guns are at once a necessary part of contemporary life but also a danger when they get into the wrong hands.

To learn more about Real Guns, click here. The book can be purchased in the US by clicking here.

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