Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Corporal Ron's Borneo Warrior Rescue

Corporal Ron’s Borneo Warrior Rescue is an adventure story that should appeal to boys aged 10+, as well as eco-warriors. It is a unique, fast-paced story about a fascinating country and a long forgotten “secret” war. Featuring Ron, a Royal Air Force radio operator, working amongst the Dayaks of Borneo, the story follows the perilous mission that Ron and two young warriors undertake through the rainforest. Along the way they must each face challenges while learning about the others cultures and the ways of the jungle.
This story is also a great introduction to one of our rare rainforests: Borneo and its people, flora and fauna. This well-researched war-time story has drama, wit and fun. Information panels, at the end of each section, highlight the plight of the endangered species such as orang utans.

The story is a work of fiction by Sandra Arthur. It was written as a tribute to her father. As a child, Sandra lived with her family in Singapore, while her father worked in Borneo. She has since lived in various cities in the United Kingdom, briefly spent time in Canada and travelled extensively around North America, Europe and Asia, including Borneo.

She is passionate about Borneo and has devoted much of her free time to promoting and raising funds to assist the endangered orangutans. To learn more about Sandra, click here.

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Sandra said...

This book is now available as a simple pdf/ebook at lulu preview on this link


Full of great vintage photos/facts and stats that boys love.