Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Trouble with Mark Hopper

The Trouble with Mark Hopper is a funny, quick read about two boys who are blessed and cursed with the same name. Mark Geoffrey Hopper is a top student but a less than pleasant person. Mark Geoffrey Hopper is a poor student but a grade-A friend. When both Mark Hoppers enter the sixth grade at the same middle school, it causes nothing but hilarious problems, confusion, and all-around trouble. When will people realize that there are two Mark Hoppers, and that even though they're very similar, they're actually very different?
Boys will enjoy keeping track of which Mark is which and following them both as they realize that perhaps sharing their name presents unique opportunities...especially when it comes to winning the statewide Mastermind trophy.

This hilarious middle grade comedy written by Elissa Weissman will appeal to fans of Andrew Clements and Louis Sachar, and to anyone who understands the importance of having a good name.