Sunday, January 29, 2012

Something To Hold

A poignant voice has arisen from the soul of a master storyteller. My daughter, who's eleven loved this book. She was very disappointed when the story was over, a sure sign of a great novel! I loved it too. The storyline is fast-moving and all of the characters are well developed. Typically, boys like stories from a male protagonist point of view. However, this is a perfect cross-over book for classroom teaching. I highly recommend it for humanities. There are many layers for deep and meaningful discussions with your students. From an American History perspective, it's a door-opener for exploring our past through the eyes of our modern world. Kids get a lifelike feel for living on a Native American Reservation.

You can start with this premise: Can a white girl feel at home on an Indian reservation?

Inspired by the author’s childhood experiences in the early 1960s, this debut novel centers on Kitty, whose father is a government forester on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon. Kitty is one of only two white kids in her class, and the Indian kids are keeping their distance. With time, Kitty becomes increasingly aware of the tensions and prejudices between Indians and whites, and of the past injustice and pain still very much alive on the reservation.


"Kitty's discoveries and ethical dilemmas are age-and era-appropriate, the characters affectionately portrayed, rounded individuals."--Kirkus

"Based on the author's own experiences, this novel fills a gap in the historical fiction genre. Great for classroom discussion as well as independent reading." --School Library Journal

This unique novel is by Katherine Schlick Noe. She is a wonderful author, teacher, speaker, and literary specialist. Click here to visit Katherine's website. Be sure to visit her Teaching Ideas page by clicking here.

Friday, January 27, 2012


What would you do if the evil extreme predator in your video game came after real life?

Would you be ready?

With exciting, heartpounding, nonstop action, ECHO'S REVENGE is the first in an original new YA series written to capture the imagination of young readers who are passionate about playing online/video games.

Click here for ECHO'S REVENGE: The Ultimate Game

Monday, January 23, 2012

Teaching The Civil War

Below is a teaching the Civil War best-practice.

"I am a 9th grade Social Studies teacher for some wonderful students at a Charter School in California. We are currently learning about The Civil War. I just wanted to let you know that we have been using your, Brothers of War page . It's been so helpful for one of our projects in class. My students just absolutely loved your site!

One of my students came to me with another resource that was very helpful:

She thought it would be a perfect addition to your site of already valuable resources! (She is always going above and beyond...such a great kid!)

As educators, we may not like it that kids are interested in weapons, but many are. Boys are especially interested in reading about historical weapons. One of my continued top books to hook boys on reading is Ben Boo's book SWORDS. Ben tragically passed away last summer. By buying his book we help boys transform into lifelong readers and in a small way help support his family.

Please consider supporting Ben's family by buying copies his books. You can also help support Boys Read by purchasing copies of Brothers of War and The Bird.