Saturday, April 1, 2017

Striking Terror

Striking Terror is the action-packed story of Micah, a teenage amateur magician who travels from his London home to stay with relatives in Jerusalem. While there he befriends Shireen, a young Palestinian girl. Unbeknown to Micah, the girl is preparing to blow up the bus he rides to school. When she changes her mind, she earns accolades—and threats of vengeance. Micah must use his magic skills to rescue Shireen from a murderous brother whose honor Shireen has besmirched. But  nothing is what it seems. While Shireen seeks to become an advocate of peace in a divided country, Micah suspects a hidden agenda, a sinister plot to turn his new, unsuspecting friend into an agent of death and to plunge the land into the abyss of war once more. Unless they can uncover the truth in time…

This unique book is by Denis Lipman and written for young readers aged 11-14.
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