Thursday, January 7, 2021

Drone Chase

Ray will need every ounce of his drone skills and outdoor smarts to recover his missing bear cub before poachers get to it first.

When his orphan bear cub goes missing, sixteen-year-old drone enthusiast Ray McLellan decides to use his airborne spying skills to find it. Little does he know that a bear-poaching gang operating in the surrounding forest has drones too — and a cold welcome for those who would attempt to take them down.

As a New York City kid recently forced to move to the Great Bear Rainforest by his parents, what Ray doesn’t have is a lifetime of outdoor instincts, or familiarity with the valley and its wildlife. That makes him very different from his grumpy grandfather, who — like his new school friends — berate his city-kid uselessness at every opportunity. Can Ray use his drones and drone smarts to prove himself, find his cub, and expose what’s going on in the woods?

Pam Withers writes award-winning, best-selling outdoor sports and adventure books – which are particularly popular with boys. To learn more about Pam's unique books that appeal to boys, click here