Thursday, April 23, 2009


Freaked, set in 1993, is the story of fifteen year old Scotty Douglas Loveletter. Scotty lives in a haze of good intention, but due to his dope smoking  has very little motivation. His mother is a famous sex self-help therapist. His friends in his all boy boarding school only spend time with him to get close to her or his drug dealing roommate.   

Scotty's one salvation is the music of the Grateful Dead. He yearns to attend a show at Freedom Coliseum, and so he sets forth on a journey in the style of Tom Jones or Huckleberry Finn, leaving his familiar surroundings, to find himself in dark places. He encounters new and interesting people, and, in the end,  begins to understand the world around him in more significant way.

Jeanne Dutton is the author of Freaked.  Her hope is that her novel will speak to boys who have a passion for music and who also desire to live less fraudulently in a world full of mixed messages. 

Jeanne is a fan of Jack Keourac, Mark Twain, Ken Kesey, J.D Salinger, Barack Obama.  She believes that rebellion is a necessary and important phase in the making of strong, independent thinking men (and women).

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