Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emma's Picks

Below is wonderful feedback I received from a very astute reader, Emma.  Thank you Emma for your comments.  I'm adding a disclaimer to our Best Books page on your behalf.
Dear John, 
I am a girl and I have read all of these books:
Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl)
Anthony Horowitz (public enemy number two)
Harry Potter
series of unfortunate events
Roland Smith (elephant run)
C.S lewis (narnia)
Christopher Paiolini Eragon
Jules verne (journey to center of the earth)
gary pulsen 
diary of wimpy kid
thirtynine clues 
the homework machine 
 Norah Mcclintock  
jack london
rick  riordan again 
hardy boys
and some. I also read teen books (since 3rd grade)
and now I am ten. Do you say these are boys books, I like most of them except the reading level is very low for me? My friend reads some too. Some say they are grades 7 and up, I read them...... they aren't just for boys though.
I don't read romance books or pony books or high school musical books.... I read boys books. Great.
E. G
PS: please write at the top of the page: books for boys and good for girls too " or something.
Thank you!

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Emma!!!!!!! said...

THANKYOU for adding this to your blog. I think any books should be for anyone!