Monday, June 15, 2009

Parker Takes a Bullet

Below is information submitted by Lewis Hall about his new book, Parker Takes A Bullet.  This novel has an exciting plot and should appeal to both boys and girls.  Boy's typically prefer books with a male protagonist.  Mr. Hall's female protagonist book has enough edge that it should appeal to many boys.  One of my favorite novels of all time is The Golden Compass.  It too has a female protagonist.

A Mystery/Thriller with Heart

My dad a drug dealer?

At a time when she should have been thinking about what frothy dress to wear to the senior prom, Evelyn Parker, still reeling from her mother's suicide, has to face this troubling question. Worse, the fact that her father's incinerated body is found in her bombed-out home shortly after a huge cash deposit was made in his bank account leaves his colleagues in the Sheriff's Department convinced he was on the take.

But, growing up the daughter of a detective, Evelyn learned a few things about police work. When the investigation into her father's murder grinds to a halt, Evelyn decides to do some sleuthing of her own, determined to exonerate her dad. In the process she plays loose with the law, tails a too-charming suspect, uncovers a worldwide web of international crime, and learns that things are not always how they appear.

But wait a minute! Parker Takes a Bullet is about a girl. Why would a boy be interested in a girl protagonist? Because this girl is hot and exciting. I know, because I was once a boy and I know what a boy likes. I remember Saturday nights in my college days, gathered together with my male buddies in front of a television set and watching Purdey, a female secret agent on The New Avengers. Purdey was not girlie; she was cool. And today I, along with other men, like watching Beatrix Kiddo in the Kill Bill movies. She too is cool and exciting.

Evelyn Parker is eighteen-years-old. Boys like girls a little older than themselves. Yes, boys must have action and adventure, mystery and suspense in their stories, and this book has it all, non-stop; it’s a page-turner. But combine these elements with a story about an attractive, courageous girl and you have a book that will meet every boy's needs. It might not be hip for him to admit that he is reading such a book or that he likes it. But boys are reading Parker Takes a Bullet, and more than once!

Yes, girls can act feminine and silly, which is uncomfortable for most boys, but Evelyn Parker is a girl who has been thrown into an intense situation that forces her to act serious and brave. This is a book for mature teenagers as there are many edgy scenes. And in the midst of these scenes are some hard moral questions that deal with life and death, how to overcome grief, and how to face questions regarding sex and love.

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Anonymous said...

I borrowed this book from my brother and started reading it on a flight. After we landed I had to finish it right away so I could find out what happened. I really liked this book it is cool. I hope that there will be more Parker books.

Cole Plante