Monday, January 4, 2010

Eric Walters

Eric Walters is currently the Feature Author on our home page. Eric is a prolific storyteller who shares his gifts and passions with the world in many innovative ways. One of Eric's current philanthropy projects is with Toronto District Schools. Eric is part of a team that uses an interactive approach to literature to engage boys in the writing process by incorporating technology. This unique reading program's goal is to ultimately involve up to 5,000 students across Canada. Kids who take part can win basketballs, tickets etc, and at the end of the year the program will conclude with a massive group literacy day.

Creation of Hope is another project Eric has founded. This project began with a chance meeting with a young boy in a marketplace and the discovery that he was one of over 500 orphans in and around Kikima – a small rural community in Kenya. To learn more about this innovative project, click here. To learn more about Eric's unique body-of-work, click here.

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