Tuesday, October 5, 2010

That's Awesome!

That’s Awesome! brings kids awesome facts and records guaranteed to impress and remain with the reader long after they are finished with the book. Written in an authoritative, age-appropriate and clear style, this beautiful book incorporates fascinating photos and diagrams.

Included in That’s Awesome!:

Awesome Size – Although humans like super-sized French fries and monster TV sets, sometimes small items are just as much fun. Every size has its place in this awesome world. How do you measure up to daunting dinosaurs, the world’s largest Ferris wheel or tallest building, or the smallest gecko?
Awesome Price Tags – What does it cost to take a roundtrip voyage to the International Space Station? What items are worth their awesome price tags? You decide if the price is right.
Awesome Sports – Whether you’re a player or a fan, whether you compete with muscle or brain power, there are more awesome sports and competitions today than ever before. From extreme sports to perfect scores, what record will be broken next?
Awesome Eats – The world is full of awesome eats, including eel soda, saliva soup and insects. What are some of the most unusual dishes to eat?
Awesome Weather and Other Forces of Nature – Earthquakes, volcanoes and avalanches are only some of the most awesome forces of nature. How do we protect ourselves from unavoidable events and why do they occur?
Awesome Human Body – The human body is truly an awesome machine made up of many parts that work in extraordinary ways. Discover some surprising facts about what the body can do.

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