Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jimi & Isaac 3a: The Mars Mission

Jimi and Isaac may be the best soccer players that ever started middle school. Isaac's dad coached their rec league team while they were growing up, so they've learned pretty much all there is to know about the beautiful game. Except middle school soccer is different, their middle school soccer coach is completely different, and even middle school music is different. Nothing makes sense anymore. But Jimi and Isaac never quit. They don't know how.

Phil Rink is the author of Jimi & Isaac 3a: The Mars Mission. The book came together for Phil during a cross-country drive from Florida to Washington State. Completing the book took the next eight years. Phil learned to apply mythic structure to modern settings, and to place the story within a technical or business framework without drowning the story in dry details or trite conventions.

Over time, Phil has become more convinced of the need for relevant, updated stories to help boys find their place in the world. Classic myth and modern fantasy are useful to discuss values, but they don't clearly relate to the practical issues of growing up in a quickly changing world where boys may not follow their father's career, play their father's sport, or readily apply their father's life lessons (if they even have a father or father figure). His books help boys understand and accommodate accelerating change, but also give them a stable place to stand while they write the stories of their own lives.

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