Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Bone Collector's Son

I'm thrilled to have found Paul's Yee's 2003 story, The Bone Collector's Son.


It is 1907 in Vancouver. Fourteen-year-old Bing-wing Chan resents his father, not only because the man gambles away all their money, but also because he now forces Bing to help him in his gruesome job. Ba is the bone collector, the one who digs up skeletons of deceased Chinese so that they can be sent home to China for permanent burial. Sinister things start happening soon after Bing accompanies his father to the graveyard.

"...a worthwhile read for its unique plot that combines mystery, ghosts and embedded Chinese folk tales. As well, it is one of Yee's most well-written, intriguing novels. It will appeal to male readers who may discover that most 14-year-olds endure similar internal struggles in self identity no matter from what culture they come."
--CM (Canadian Review of Materials) Vol. 10, No. 16, 8 April 2004

"Yee intertwines realism and ghost story very naturally, bringing both material circumstances and traditional spiritual beliefs alive. Earnest, courageous Bing makes an appealing protagonist, and the story, with its quick dialogue and precise allusions to region and culture is always engaging."
--Toronto Star 28 March 2004.

"Vancouver's Chinatown in 1907 is the setting for this novel, in which the spirits of the dead come back to haunt the living. Despite the subject matter, Paul Yee's light, deft touch ensures that his book is anything but ghoulish.
--Globe and Mail 17 January 2004

"Paul Yee is building up an impressive body of work. His background in Canadian history serves him well, but his real strength lies in his ability to let history serve the story, instead of the other way around. [This] is a profluent, tightly paced, highly enjoyable story that happens to take place neither long ago nor far away."
--Vancouver Sun, 8 November 2003.

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Ellis said...

Sounds like a great, creepy read. Love the background for this story.

Anonymous said...

really good book!!!