Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Astronaut Instruction Manual

Endorsed by authors, teachers, scientists and Congressmen, The Astronaut Instruction Manual excites a new generation of space explorers. The book, designed for children between the ages of 8 and 13, is a functioning, first-step instruction manual. With excitement and honesty, it encourages readers to articulate and personalize their own vision of next-generation space travel.

This cool Space book is by Mike Mongo.  Mike is a writer who encourages students to pursue careers in space-related fields. He lives in Key West, FL.  The learn more, click here.

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Mike Mongo said...

Boys Read,
First of all, your mission is my mission: Getting books into the hands of young people and encouraging reading. That said, I am surprised when I hear or read comments such as "Who says boys don't like reading?"…when boys are sitting and reading. Those kind of comments reinforce roles which are unkind generalizations (and projections). More drastically, they showcase the demand for teachers, educators, parents and mentors who are able to communicate the thrill and reward of reading.

So thank you for including The Astronaut Instruction Manual among these very excellent reads to inspire a love of reading in boys and young readers. What Boys Read is accomplishing with this outreach pays off huge dividends for generations to come! Keep up the good work. MM