Monday, May 19, 2008

The Reading Wars

Below are some excellent excerpts from an article published online in Fredericksburg, VA. The author concludes that "Whoever encourages a child's appreciation for reading is a hero." This piece further points out that teaching reading skills remains elusive.

"A new study has found, however, that students in schools that received Reading First funding are doing no better on reading comprehension tests than their counterparts whose schools received no such money. Earlier studies comparing National Assessment of Educational Progress test scores indicate that the greatest recent gains in reading skills took place just before Reading First or NCLB were implemented."

"The truth lies not in heated rhetoric but in non-partisan research that addresses the lagging reading skills of American students. The ideal classroom reading regimen for America's students remains elusive."

"Maybe the problem is that good readers are not made in the classroom, but at home. Many educators believe that a love for reading is nurtured at home, soon after a child is born. Children who are read to from their earliest days and have ready access to books at home as they grow are most likely to become good readers and, in turn, good students."

"Whoever encourages a child's appreciation for reading is a hero."

For more up-to-date information on teaching reading in the classroom, click here to visit NEA's website.


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