Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rex Riders

In stores June 21, J.P. Carlson’s REX RIDERS is a new book for young adults and adults young at heart. Illustrated by Marvel and DC great Jim Calafiore, it is the first in a series of pulp adventure stories that are as big and bad as the beasts themselves. The cover features artwork from the Italian paleoartist Fabio Pastori.

When fourteen-year-old Texan Zeke Calhoun discovers a juvenile T-rex with a bridle in its mouth protecting an unconscious stranger from a vicious pack of wolves, all he can think about is riding it! What Zeke doesn’t know is that rescuing the rex and his rider would plunge him and his friend Angelina into an incredible adventure in a prehistoric world, fighting a deadly alliance that could destroy both worlds. Imagine riding a juvenile T-rex the size of a horse through a prehistoric forest; fighting off a band of axe-wielding marauders atop feathered raptors; being chased down a riverbed by a ferocious Baryonyx; charging through the middle of a thundering herd of stampeding Triceratops…

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Another book that may be interesting to boys is the epic fantasy poem, Poepi and the Giant. It is available online at and on the kindle store.