Friday, September 16, 2016

True Vert

In this coming-of-age story, fifteen-year-old Josh Lowman earns a spot as a pro skateboarder on the Alpha Dog Skate Kru team. With the help of washed-up skate legend Dave McSteel, Josh pushes the limits of what’s humanly possible on a skateboard.

He’s living the dream, he’s cool, an Alpha Dog skater; but he starts to lose focus on the things that truly matter. His goal is to impress Erin, but he’s so caught up in the pro skater thing that Erin and the rest of his old friends don’t want to be around him. And he’s not sure if his new friends are even friends at all.

Dirk Davies, the ambitious owner of Alpha Dog Skate Company, isn’t satisfied. Hungry for even more corporate sponsors, Dirk persuades Josh to skate the most treacherous ramp of all, and now Josh has to decide what he’s willing to risk to maintain his spot on the Alpha Dog team.
True Vert offers a glimpse into the dog-eat-dog world of professional skateboarding and takes the reader along for a wild ride as Josh discovers that it takes as much courage to drop into the Mega Ramp as it does to stay true to oneself.

This very cool skateboard book is by Janet Eoff Berend.  Janet loves all things that end with the word “board,” especially skateboard, surfboard and snowboard, which she considers the trifecta of boarding sports.  To learn more about Janet and her books, click here.


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Catrina Carter said...

Josh learns real-life lessons as a teenager. Although he has landed his spot as a pro skateboarder. Choosing his dream or his friends can be hard for a 15 year old. If his friends do not want to be around him it could be that they are jealous, that Josh has changed or he may be a little arrogant. Sometimes people befriend you because of your status. A teenager gains popularity and instantly gains new friends. Josh will need to have to find out now or later how to decide what is best for him. To take such a big risk that Dirk has suggested may end up deadly. Josh are surely making adult decisions.

Jacqueline Brengettsy said...
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Jacqueline Brengettsy said...

Josh Lowman is a 15 year old male who always want to be on a skateboarding team. Josh wanted to impress Erin (a girl that he liked in his school) but he was just to occupied in trying to become a pro-skater. Josh eventually got a chance to earn a spot on a pro skateboarding team known as Alpha Dog Skate Kru. Being on this team was everything to Josh and it was all that mattered to him. His friends started acting funny towards Josh but Josh stayed focus to skateboarding and his team. Josh is being committed to his skateboarding team.

Kaysha DeBose said...

Josh is just one out of many teenagers that is experiencing something he loves to do. When it comes to trying to balance his personal life and when it comes to trying to balance his life and also social life its hard on him. His friends having the feeling to not associate with him anymore due to the fact of him wanting to focus more on a hobby that he loves and enjoys.He's committed to his skateboarding team but this experience truly showed how his friends truly are, it could be a jealousy type of situation with them.