Thursday, August 13, 2020

# 5 Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach.  Barry Voskamp.  He wasn’t in charge of the Team, or the Offense, nor the Defense, yet Coach Voskamp commanded the same level of love and respect as Hale, Brewster and Graning did.  And this is what a Team is all about.  United We Stand, Divided We Fall.  Voskamp day in and day out gave 100% of his love and energy to our Team.  He loved every single kid and went out his way to authentically get to know each of us.  He too loved Football and all of his Players.  We loved his East Coast accent and we always felt like he was one of us.  He had an amazing way of connecting with young men.  When I decided to attend Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) he was a strong advocate for me.  EKU is where he received his Masters in Education Degree.  It was very helpful for me to have Coach Voskamp so enthusiastically support me.  For 13 years he gave and gave and gave some more to the kids at Oak Ridge High School.  Thank you Coach Voskamp for giving so much of yourself to so many. 

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