Wednesday, August 12, 2020

#1 The Champions

40 years ago we were The Champions.  Being a member of the 1980 State Champion Football Team in Oak Ridge, TN was a special honor.  This was a special team.  What made this team special was love.  The Coaches loved the Players.  The Players loved the Coaches.  The Players loved each other.  The entire community took great pride in loving the Wildcat Team.

Oak Ridge, TN Football has a rich legacy that dates back to the 1st State Championship in 1956.   I’m writing a series of post that highlights the unique players of the 1980 Championship Team. The post that I’ll share are dedicated to my refections of this Special Football Season of 1980 and the Seniors who graduated in 1981. This is Post #1. In the next Post, I’ll speak to the Coaching Staff (pictured above), the Special Men who led their Players to a 13 Won and 0 Lost Season and finished #3 in Nation.  

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